Galaxy S8 and What to Expect from it

After the launch of Note7 and the fact that its battery exploded, Samsung faced many losses. People sold on low prices and airlines had banned on carrying the Note7 in flights due to its exploding nature. So, Samsung had to bounce back to recover the losses and make profits. The news is that Samsung will be launching S8, a new and improvised phone with better features than before.

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Samsung has never failed to amaze the public with its high-resolution cameras and larger pixels. The Galaxy phones of Samsung usually have a larger screen. It has been disclosed that the new S8 will have an even greater screen of approximately a 5.7-inch screen. It has also been revealed that the phone will feature a 4K Super AMOLED screen which will accentuate the capabilities of the phone.

It will have a higher capacity than the S7, might be 6GB or even 8GB, it is not sure yet. Another feature of the S8 will be that it will be totally water and dust proof. So now whether you are cruising in the desert with extreme sand or out for swimming, you do not need to worry about your phone. The Samsung phone S8 can withstand water up to the 4.9feet depth and can stay there for approximately half an hour.

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The camera qualities of Samsung are outstanding. It has been said that the Samsung S8 will carry a dual camera with high-quality resolution. Another feature of the phone is reported that there will be no home button in the new S8, but will feature a finger print scanner which will be placed underneath the display.


It will feature a higher performance level than the S7. The processing of S8 will be similar to other S Series. It will be using an Exynos 8895 chip which will give better graphics than the S7. It will also use Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor through which the performance will be boosted 20% more as compared to the S7.

It has been reported that Samsung is launching is the personal digital assistant by the name of Bixby which will be a friend for all Galaxy S8 users. What other new features it might contain are still a mystery, and for that, we will have to wait for its launch in April.

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