A Sneak Peek To Newly Launched Jolla Phone

The Jolla phone – pronounced Yol-la – is the current buzzword in the world of mobile phone technology. Launched on 27 th of November 2013 (last Wednesday), the trendsetting device promises to be the next big thing in the quest to transform the world into a real-time global village. Let us take a close look at this ingenious device.

Jolla Phone Overview

Jolla is powered by Sailfish OS, which is based on MeeGo. It features an interesting ability to run Android apps alongside its built-in apps. Another interesting feature that makes this product stand out from the pack is its “Other-half” smart-cover which changes your phone with a few extremely easy moves.

jolla swipe Experience

The swipe experience

For Jolla phone, different strokes get different responses. For instance to wake up the screen

when the phone goes to sleep one only needs to double tap on the screen or press the power button. If you want to move around inside an app you only need to pull it – like you’re dragging it a little.

Flicks get you to the end more quickly and are often used to open menus.

A long tap comes in handy when you want to access more details from a particular feature of this phone. You close an application by swiping down.

The peek experience

Jolla phone allows you to glance at the Home Screen to see time, battery and other status information without closing whatever application you’re using. A slow swipe from either the left or right edges is all it takes to utilize this inventive feature. Besides that, you can catch up with the latest happenings no matter what you’re doing with your phone by simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen to access the “Events” option.

The Pulley Menu precision

Menus on this SmartPhone are dubbed pulley menus largely because you need to pull them to access them. A glowing strip often appears at the top of the screen indicating that there’s a menu which can be accessed by pulling down the screen area. The �flick’ swipe is useful with these menus.

Eye catching Design


The phone weighs 141 grams and has the following dimensions: height 131mm width 68mm and thickness 9.9mm.

The screen is 4.5 inch-wide qHD 5-point multi-touch with Gorilla 2 glass. Under the hood is a Snapdragon dual-core processor which is clocked at 1gb with 1.4ghz Qualcomm processor.

On the rear-side is a powerful 8 mega pixel camera which is coupled with a 2 mega pixel front camera.

When it comes to memory, the sleek phone boasts 16 gb storage – this can be expanded via microSD cards.


Slightly different from the original prototype

What is on-sale currently is slightly different from the original prototype the company presented to the world sometime ago. The significant changes are that power buttons have been moved a little to the right hand side making it a lot easier for any right handed individual to find. Besides that, the camera has been moved to a central position. This is meant to minimize the risk of damaging this delicate system through mishandling. The back half has also been moved to a central position in line with the new camera position.

Another significant change to look forward to is the bezel. This appears to have been slightly reduced and now looks more balanced and slightly slimmer considering the phone’s overall design. Overall, the New Jolla phone design appears thinner, cleaner, lighter and less crowded.


Compatible with Android Apps so you won’t have to abandon your favorite applications that are not native to Salfish.

Expandable storage capacity through MicroSD card storage expansion option

Sliding QWERTY keyboard, wireless charging

The “Other Half” option is a functionality extender pack of sorts

Supports standard Linux APIs and adheres to the Linux Standard Base specification

Easy to use, highly sensitive screen and intuitive user interface

Live multi-tasking allows you to handle several tasks simultaneously


Small qualms with the otherwise perfect SmartPhone would be that its initial launch will be limited to Europe and Asia. People in the US and other continents will have to wait for some time before this magnificent device is makes it to their local stores.

The Verdict

With these pros and cons in mind, the writing is on the wall – Jolla phone is a wonderful product that any quality conscious customer should strive to lay their hands on going forward. Highly recommended!

  • Suzana Parker

    Yeah, I remember this phone and how crazy I was about it when it was launched. I loved it from the start and had to get one the first day it was on sale. I still have it among other phones I have (I have 4 right now) and it’s still looking good. The screen is indeed very sensitive and it can handle a fall pretty decently (I’ve must have dropped it dozens of time and nothing is broken).

  • ed pierce

    There are always going to be some cons for every pro about new technology but this phone really doesn’t have many cons at all. It looks like it could take on a lot of the more popular companies dominating the market.

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