iPhone 6 Comprehensive Review

Apple recently launched iPhone 6, defined by the slightly larger screen, rounded corners, ultra-thin body, and an entirely new iPad-style design which offers a better camera as well as one of the fastest processors. It comes in space greys, silver and gold colors. Here is a review of what you should know regarding the phone:

The dream screen

A 4.7-inch display screen is the headline feature in iPhone 6. So far, Apple had only upped their screen once, and this is perhaps one of the biggest developments. However, this is not so amazing especially looking at the ogres in android industry, which include Samsung Galaxy Note III, Sony Xperia Z3 and LG G3. Even so, it is a good screen size for most people, especially when, gaming and display are the most important requirements.

Looking at the quality of this screen, it cannot be compared to that of Samsung Galaxy S5, which is vibrant, detailed and rich. It is perhaps the best screen in the android market, which downplays the iPhone 6 screen that has a lower resolution.

Battery life

It is factual that most smartphones have an awful battery life, but the iPhone 6 is better in terms of battery life compared to iPhone 5s. While the latter lasted only a normal smartphone day, the new gadget in the market goes a while longer. This life is further enhanced by the iOS 8, which warns you of all the applications that are constantly making data connections. Once you turn them off, battery saving is optimized and it obviously lasts longer.

iOS 8

The phone arrives with the newest operating system from Apple-iOS 8, which is only available for Apple phones starting with iPhone 4S onwards as well as iPod touch models and iPads. It is almost similar to iOS 7, but this recent operating system is not just about a change in design. It is a representation of customization, communication and general openness. The operating system has immediate benefits because it allows users to easily send videos, photos and voice files by simply touching a button around the text area.

It also comes with the new Health application, which coalesces the efforts of other apps in contributing to fitness monitoring. It also comes with the iCloud Drive, an application that gives Apple the file-sharing abilities that other platforms possess at the moment.

Camera Tweaks

It is not just an 8 megapixels camera that defines iPhone 6 Apple but rather a combination of advanced image processing capabilities, sublimely simple controls and a wonderful lens. Although this is slightly smaller compared to what Samsung Galaxy S5 offers, quality of images is not all about the number of pixels but also the quality that they are capable of producing.

The camera features also include focus pixels, which are also identified as phase detection in some instances. Phase detection is faster and more effective than contrast detection, which assures users of sharper and snappier photos. The iPhone 6 camera is so easy to use because there are no granular controls to play with and besides, you will not be required to adjust any white balance. It is also endowed with HD filming at an approximate capability of 60 frames per second, which improves video recording.

Overall design

The four corners of this phone are curved just like the edges. With an extremely slim body measuring 6.99mm, it is very light and perhaps the most superb smartphone in the market at the moment. This slim design does not compromise the button feel because they are still fine and can stand everyday use.

Shortcomings of this phone

Regardless of how good a device is, it never misses a fair share of downsides. iPhone 6 Apple misses an important feature in its camera tweak, the iSight camera which offers optical image stabilization when shooting a video.

A number of people also reported the issue of bending, which caused considerable damage when the phone was left in the pocket for long. One person even created a YouTube video in which he practically bent his phone. Considering the amount of force applied in that particular video, however, it is not possible for the phone to bend out of everyday use. After all, a number of people who raised issues about bending phones have had their gadgets replaced by Apple and at the moment, the concern has been fully settled.

The last concern relates to battery life, but this is a problem across all smartphones. Even so, iPhone 6 should even be accorded some glory because it can last longer compared to iPhone 5S and other earlier models.

Additional features

It has a powerful and faster hardware system, which is capable of servicing this new operating system and the bigger screen. This translates to more sparkly games, powerful apps and a generally faster smartphone.

The phone also comes with a new Apple Pay service, but which is has not become particularly helpful within the U.K. Using a combination of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and NFC chip it can be transformed into a credit card. Following the demonstrations that have already been done, it will be one of the most helpful features when Apple finally strikes a deal to work with banks in the U.K and other regions just like it has done in the U.S.

The fingerprint sensor is more refined in iPhone 6, because it takes the least effort to operate. Placing your thumb or finger on the home button as if you were waking the phone, its Touch ID feature will be invoked instantly.

Another feature is the VoLTE, which ensures that there is efficient delivery of voice messages through 4G data. For it to work, however, bot handsets must be on VoLTE. It is made efficient by LTE chip, which is capable of delivering 150 Mbps downloads.

The phone has a new motion co-processor identified as the M8, which is sometimes mistaken for the HTC’s flagship. The feature has an in-built barometer which makes it possible to measure altitude, implying that it can detect when you are ascending and descending stairs or any ground that has a steeply changing gradient.

A message to take home

Looking at iPhone 6, it is not just another release from Apple but rather the best that has been produced so far. With the fastest and most efficient operating system, the sleek design and accompanying new features place it at a good position to compete with rivals such as Samsung and Galaxy. Conclusively, it is one of the best gadgets.

  • Stephanie Clarke

    Thank you for this well thought out review of the iPhone 6! Battery life is one of my biggest concerns, and I’m glad to hear they’ve improved on that.

  • sarahevanston

    I really like my new iPhone and I have had it for a month now without any of the problems that everyone has complained about. Every smart phone is going to wear down the battery fast, it’s just how we use them now.

  • Skwty

    There is little doubt that Apple has one of the best smartphone camera’s on the market today. iOS 8 is also finally getting to a place that the operating system should have been a few versions ago!

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