10 Most Expensive Vintage Cars

The most apparent reason for having a car is to ease the transportation needs, and have a more flexible way of traveling to different places. Some cars are normally used daily, to move around easily. Some are more luxurious, and they are not used as much as the normal cars. Then there is the executive lot, which are usually one model in the whole world, these are mostly the vintage cars. Several classic cars are available, but what surprises most is the price tag they hold.

That being said, there is a list of the 10 most expensive Vintage Cars;-

1. Maker: Ford Motor Company

Model: GT40 Gulf Racing Car, Year: 1968

Price: $11Million

This is among the most famous racing cars of all time, it also has a top customization in how it is built. It has been driven by world leading racers, who have won with it. It has a blue and orange color, and it won its first race in its unveiling in 1967. The car also has a carbon fiber pioneer, along other special customizations. It featured in the movie hit, Le Mans, and Steve McQueen was highly associated with it, which made it even more popular and valuable.

2. Maker: Duesenberg

Model: J long, Wheel Base Coupe, Year: 1931

Price: $10.34Million

This is one of the finest work by Duesenbergs, and it is elegant, long, robust, and entirely modified. It has been made with the American style, and the amazing style used is what makes it executive. Another thing that gives it the high price is the customization used to it, which makes it unique enough.

3. Maker: Shelby

Model: Daytona Cobra Coupe, Year: 1965

Price: $7.685Million

This car was specifically designed to challenge the Ferrari in racing, which is why it has a higher price tag. Even though it was built back in ’65, it still got the value that it had. It has also featured in top movies such as Enna, Le Mans and Reims, and iit has won 4 in all the 8 races that it has starred. This car made Shelby win the World Manufacturers Championship in 1965. This was the period when its popularity was notable and it became a favorite for many of its enthusiasts.

4. Maker: Ford Motor Company

Model: GT40 Prototype, Year: 1964

Price: $7Million

The preliminary version of the GT40, the GT104 has a less details, with a fuel capacity of 4.7 liters. Despite this, it finished in the 3rd place, in the Daytona Continental 2,000KM in 1965. The engine and gearbox are among the top aspects that give this car the superiority.

5. Maker: Shelby

Model: Cobra 427 Super Snake, Year: 1966

Price: $5.5Million

This car is sturdy, and it is very reliable in races. The car was also featured in Bill Cosby’s Show, the 200MPH. The car has a top speed of 200MPH, which is very high, and it is also sturdy on the road, making it a perfect vehicle.

6. Maker: Ford Motor Company

Model: Batmobile 1, Year: 1966

Price: $4.620Million

Aired first in the comic series, the car has gained popularity, and it stands as one of the most expensive vintage cars. If it is rated to the 60s, it is relatively the most expensive car, but in the 21st century, there are other competitors, who have cars with special attributes that make them more expensive. The car was initially built as the Lincoln Futura notion car in 1954, for about $250,000. The car was sold to George Barris by the manufacturers, and it was later enhanced to match the 21st century requirements. Other advancements were made, and this made Ford to focus on the requirements of the Dark Knight, the most recent Batman Version.

7. Maker: Duesenberg

Model: SJ Convertible Coupe, Year: 1935

Price: $4.51Million

This is yet another model by Duesenberf, which is supercharged, and comes with performance upgrade, and style as well. Around the 30s, these cars gained popularity due to their elegant performance, and ever since, they have always been popular, making them a top value car. It was one of the cars that had could run for over 100mph.

8. Maker: General Motors

Model: Futurliner #11, Year: 1939

Price: $4.32Million

This was an elegant car that was initially designed by Harley Earl Epoch. It was meant to be used in the NY World Fair in 1939, which acted very elegantly in the public viewing. It has a body work with artistic decoration, along with an executive shaping. There are only 9 models left in the whole world, which is the reason why these cars are very expensive. The size is so big that after one auction show, it was literally driven back to its original place, instead of being shipped. So if you would want to take a ride, you might end up paying an air-ticket price for the bus ticket.

9. Maker: Duesenberg

Model: SJ Speedster (Mormon Meteor), Year: 1935

Price: $4.455Million

This Mormon Meteor, Great Name, is the name of a set of the Duesenberg cars, and the SJ Speedster is the most expensive of all. It was initially powered by an aircraft engine of V12, which made it win the fastest speed in one hour, a total of almost 154miles, and an average of 135mph in 24 hours. The top speed and stability are the aspects that make this car super executive.

10. Maker: Chevrolet

Model: Corvette L88, Year: 1967

Price: $3.85Million

This is an original American vintage car, and its high price is characterized by the performance. It has a high V8 power engine, and an output rating of over 500hp. It also uses 103 octane fuel, which is another factor that makes it to be super exclusive and different from its competitors.

These are the most expensive vintage cars, and they all have different customization and performance level. Some are classified due to their unique top speed, while others have elegant, and special designs. All in all, they have a high price tag since others are only a single model in the whole world. Another aspect that boosts the price is the auctioning. Everyone would want to be a proud owner of the car, knowing that it is the only model in the whole world. This is majorly why the cars have high prices, also the year of manufacturing, which is amazing that they are still strong and efficient. They have only been enhanced to match the new century, but they are the same vintage cars.

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    It seems like there is a Ford/Duesenberg trend going on up there. Where are all of the vintage Ferrari’s and Aston Martins at?

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