5 Fascinating Facts About Kungfu

Kung Fu, the famous Chinese martial art is familiar to many people in the world because of the amazing actors who are always seen to incorporate quite a lot of stunning martial art into their somewhat intriguing theatrics. Having been aired mostly between the years 1972 and 1975, Kung Fu always portrayed an unusual blend of the social questioning of early 70s America, its emerging fascination with martial arts and the unforeseeable introduction of eastern beliefs into the American pop culture.

In this article, we will be discussing about 5 Fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about Kung Fu.

Kung Fu Facts 1: Internal Chi

Martial Arts exist in many forms and Kung Fu is merely one of them. Internal chi is a term used to differentiate Kung Fu from other kinds of martial arts. Basically, Chi is described as a person’s life energy and is mostly used with the objective of increasing one’s tranquillity, calmness and spirituality. These three are the key fundamentals well elaborated using the word “gong” which means “work”, “merit” or “achievement” which can only be achieved through hard work and practice.

Kung Fu Facts 2: Kung Fu meant for people

All interested in studying Kung Fu exclusively need to start it when they are still young. Kung Fu masters believe that kids can easily learn even the difficult movements because their agility and flexibility are great. The age recommended for one to start studying Kung Fu ranges from five to six years old. Interestingly, the fitness of the child acts as a determinant of the class he/she is to be placed.

Kung Fu Facts 3: a lot of motivation can be drawn from Po the Panda

Kung Fu Po Panda is an animated movie of Kung Fu played by Jack Black. Po the Panda was actually a huge success and amusingly had Chinese influence. Watching Po the Panda never bores, in addition, in this movie, you will get a lot of incite on what Kung Fu entails together with the most difficult and fun moves.

Kung Fu Facts 4: about Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is considered to be an important icon in the martial art world. He lived between the years 1940 and 1973 and was famous for his acting role. Through his acting, Bruce Lee influenced other martial arts students and was known to perform Wing Chun which made him quite famous. Later on, Bruce Lee developed his own Kung Fu philosophy which eventually evolved into what is now known as Jeet Kune Do. Other notable Kung Fu Practitioners include Yip Man, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Wu Jing.

Kung Fu Facts 1: amazing Kung Fu Styles

There are about hundreds of martial arts styles dating back to past two thousand years and beyond. Interesting Kung Fu styles include snake, dragon, crane, tiger and leopard. These styles were developed based on distinctive ideas and techniques and are to be used for different purposes. Styles that were inspired by animals’ movements are intended to help one focus more deeply into harnessing of qi, (power) while others are simply meant for competition. Finally, different Kung Fu styles require different training and can either include weapon or not.

  • shaun wright

    Kung Fu is one of the most entertaining of all martial arts to watch. The forms and way that the fighters move with incredible speed and agility make it a lot of fun to watch. I don’t know that I could ever participate in it.

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