Top 5 boxers of all times

Boxing is an incredible sport that is often heart ranching and all-consuming to watch, routing for your favorite boxer and going through the roller-coaster of wins and losses is sure to have you at the edge of your seat. The following are boxers that redefined the sport and left their mark in the hearts of many fans;

1). Sugar Ray Johnson

He is regarded by many including Mohamed Ali to be the king of the ring. He had an incredible career spanning three decades where he fought in the welter weight and middle weight classes. He dominated the welter weight division by winning the title world title in 1946 and only lost one of his 123. He defended his title four more times before stepping up in weight to middle weight. His middle weight run was not as spotless but this didn’t stop him from winning the title five times, this is why he deserves the title of the best pound to pound boxer there was

2). Mohamed Ali

Regarded by most as the best heavy weight boxer of all time, broking the record by winning the heavy weight championship thrice. He was famed for the “sting like a bee and float like a butterfly” technic that he used in his fighting. Basically reinventing the way heavyweights are supposed to fight which is with brute force but he brought athleticism to it with his fast paced movements.

3). Henry Armstrong

An incredible athlete that transcended weight classes by being the first boxer to hold three world championship titles at once. Winning the feather weight title in October 1937, going on to win the welter weight in May 1938 and to top it off with winning the light weight three months later. He fought an alarming number of times and liked to fight boxers who were bigger than him earning the nickname homicide Hank.

4). Joe Louis

He held the world heavy weight championship title longer than any one, for 11 years, 8 months and 7 days. Also holding the record for the most times successfully defending his title (25) retiring as the champion in 1949. Louis was known for great fights that would end up in a knocking out victory.

5). Mike Tyson

Mike is the youngest boxer to win the world boxing association, world boxing council and world international boxing federation heavy weight championships at 20 years old, making him the undisputed world champion. Tyson was a greatly feared opponent in his hay day with a combination of a power packed punch and hand speed that gave him his famous nickname of iron mike. He went on to defend his title nine times successfully but was defeated on the 10th attempt, making a few come back attempts after.

  • shaun wright

    I can remember being so disappointed after shelling out pay per view money for Tyson fights only to have them end in the first ten seconds. Some of his opponents were ringers, but he still faced some quality fighters.

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