The Anticipated Upcoming UFC Fight Cards

Ultimate Fighting Championship is more of a promotion of Mixed Martial Arts. These promotions are mainly based in the United States. The interesting part is that each of the UFC’s has several fights. First the event tends to start with a preliminary card. Next, the event has a main card, and it finally ends up with a main event. Interestingly there are many upcoming events in 2017 that are worth the wait. We will just look at some of those UFC fight cards.

UFC events tend to have several different formats. The numbered events tend to air by pay per view. UFC on Fox tends to air on Fox. Well, the Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 air the fight night events. FX airs the UFC on FX. The Fuel TV airs the UFC on Fuel TV.

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UFC 208 is scheduled on 17th February 2017. The venue is Barclays Centre in New York. The event is supposed to be held between Randamie and Holm. There is yet another fight night card expected on 19th February 2017. In this game, Lewis will face Browne. This event is supposed to be held in Canada. Now the excitement of the UFC Fight Cards will not just end up in February. The excitement is bound to continue in March as well. The next most exciting event is UFC 209 fight card. On 4th March 2017 Woodley vs Thompson 2 is going to take place in Nevada in the United States of America so this is yet another event to look forward to.

The O2 Arena United Kingdom will also light up on 18th March 2017. Again a UFC Fight Night card is expected that night. The event is going to be a match between Anderson vs Manuwa. The interesting part is all the latest news about the upcoming UFC fight cards is also available on the official website that is All these events prove one point for sure and that is all the upcoming UFC fight cards are bound to be action packed, and the viewers are bound to enjoy these events by all means.

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