5 Fascinating Facts About Baseball

Baseball is considered by many to be the number one pastime and sport in America. Throughout the sport’s history, there have been many fascinating facts about baseball that have come to light. While many fans of baseball would claim to know it all, there are still things that even the most fervent and obsessive fan doesn’t know.

If the following article we look at 5 especially fascinating facts about baseball.

Don Baylor Played In 3 Consecutive World Series
Despite him being a great player and top class manager, Don Baylor is regarded by many to be one of the most underrated and under-appreciated baseball players of all time. Along with his 3 silver slugger awards and MVP in 1979, the fascinating thing about the man was that he made it to the World Series on 3 different occasions, consecutively, with 3 different teams. In 1986 he got there with the Red Sox, in 1987 with the Twins and in 1988 with the Athletics. Unfortunately it was only with the Twins in 1987 that he won a championship, a year in which he was hardly used.

Jim Abbot Was Born With Only His Left HandAlthough Jim Abbot was only born with his left hand, he still grew up to become a baseball player with a 10 season career, which included the monumental no hitter throw he gave against Cleveland when he was playing for the New York Yankees in 1993.

George “Doc” Medich Saved a Fan’s Life

At a Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers match up in 1978, the appropriately nicknamed Doc, otherwise known as George Medich, saved the life of a fan that started to have a heart attack in stands. He was given the nickname Doc due to the fact he had studied medicine at the University of Pittsburgh prior to becoming a professional MLB player.

Many Major League Baseball Players Urinate On Their Hands before Games

As disgusting as it sounds two players in particular – Jorge Posada and Moises Alou do not wear gloves when playing the much loved game. While other players opt for gloves, Alou and Posada have found a novel way to improve their grip – by urinating on their hands before games.

It may seem a little crazy or very crazy indeed but it’s really hard to argue with the results that Moises Alou has achieved. During his 17 year career, he has been selected for the All Star 6 times and hit an incredible 300 home runs. The jury seems to be out on how helpful it actually is, as some studies suggest that urinating on your hands might soften them more than toughen them up.

  • Ian

    I remember seeing Don Bayler play and I thought he was one of the greatest baseball player I have ever seen! It’s no wonder that he played in 3 consecutive World Series and more than that, with 3 different teams (which says a lot about how good he was). I don’t understand why he was so underrated! It was clear that he had a lot of talent.

  • jon terns

    I don’t think I could play with an outfielder that urinates on himself as a way of holding the ball better. There should really be something in the rules against that.

  • Skwty

    Urinating on your hands for better grip? You would think these guys have been smacked around the NFL before playing baseball with those types of strategies…

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