Top 5 Facts About the Glow Worm

The amount of amazing things that the world has to offer will never come to an end. Every day, there are new things that are discovered and one of these that has recently caught the eyes and attention of many is the glow worm. While there are a lot of other species that have been known to have almost similar characteristics to what has been recently discovered, there is also a fair share of information that is quite new and a lot of people experts included who are fascinated by this.

This particular form of glowing worm which was recently discovered by a photographer called Jeff Cremmer is unique in quite a number of ways among them the fact that it is an inhabitant of the earth and it has an affinity for staying under the ground. Here are some quick five facts about it that have already been unearthed.

1. It is in its larvae stage.

This did not come as a surprise considering that there are other forms of glowing worms which also fall in the same stage of the life cycle. It is thought that this new glow warm is a larvae of a certain species of the clicking beetles but since it is yet to be studied then it cannot be concluded for sure what it can grow into.


2. It is stays under the ground.

There is a lot that has to be studied about the new glow worm but it has been ascertained that unlike the others that are able to fly around, this particular one stays underground and hence its glowing looks more like spots of light emanating from the soil. However, it has an ability to burst into the surface of the soil.


3. The glowing is a hunting and defensive mechanism.

Unlike many of the other great animals that use different mechanisms to hunt and to defend themselves from their predators, the glow worm has only one strategy and that is glowing. By glowing, it warms of the predators that might be coming its way. At the same time, the glow attracts insects who come close enough to fall prey to the glow worm’s mouth which is already opened and all it has to do is close it down. This is even more effective because the glowing is found around the head of the worm.


4. It is not cuddly or cute.

This is one that will hurt a lot of people especially considering how nice the other glowing insects and worms are. However the Peruvian glowing worm if we can call it that for lack of another name, has quite a bizarre head and especially the mouth area that a great deal of people would consider it to be quite scary for a worm but either way, it is still very fascinating.


5. It might be cooler than it already sounds.

As much as it sounds quite impressive right now with all the glowing, some experts are leaning on a hypothesis that it might be the larvae of the Brazilian fire beetle which continues to glow even in maturity. The reason as to why this might even be cooler is because then it will not be as scary in maturity and these beetles are known to create glowing towers at night which is quite impressive.

It is still quite a new finding and not much about his been confirmed. It is yet to be classified and even more the procedure with which it is able to glow has yet to be identified.

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