Top 10 Super Humans Alive

With over 7 billion people in the world today, it would be hard to believe that there are few superhumans who are still alive. Superhumans have abilities that are quite exceptional and of which, Science cannot explain. They do things which normal human beings don’t do and Science cannot actually expect them to do such. The fact that such people exist would prompt you to erase your disbelief in supernatural occurrences. Most of them utilize these gifts to make a living performing them in front of large audiences. These are the top 10 superhumans with super abilities that are alive today.

1. Dennis Rogers- the World’s Strongest Man

Dennis Rogers has twitchy muscles which enable him to generate lots of strength by just pulsing his muscles. Rogers is able to bend metal objects such as frying pans rolling them up like they are cardboard pieces. He can bend horseshoes and hammers as well using his own human hands. Scientists deduce that this ability can be attributed to the acceleration he uses to recruit more muscle fibers.

2. Scott Flansburg- The Human Calculator

Saying that Scott is a genius in Mathematics would be underestimating his capabilities. He makes use of muscle coordination in his brain to calculate the hardest math problems at a faster rate than any person with a calculator in hand. He is a wizard among the popular mathematicians. He is able to answer hard math questions as if they are being read off to him. In some cases, he will even correctly answer you before you are through with the query.

3. Dean Karnazes – The Running Machine

Dean can run excessively long distances without growing weary, an ability he learnt he had at age 30. Having lost his job, he felt that he needed to run like never before. This was the time he learnt of his ability. He ran for miles and miles without getting tired. Stan Lee, from the popular Super-humans’ TV show, featured this and later had him examined in a science lab at a certain university. After minutes of intensive exercise, his levels of lactic acid dropped. The only thing that limits the much he can run is wear and friction.

4. Claudio Pinto – The Eye-Popping Man

Claudio, from Belo Horizonte, can pop out both of his eyes 4cm from their sockets. He has undergone several tests and doctors have been unable to explain his abilities, saying that they have never met or heard of a person with such abilities other than him. He claims that it is a gift from God which he regularly uses to make money.

5. Kevin Richardson- The Lion Whisperer

Kevin is an animal behaviorist who relies on instinct in order to win and form intimate bonds with the big cats. He is able to spend a whole night curled up with them with no fear of being attacked. He has used this ability with various feared animals such as lions, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards. He however claims that lions are his favorites. It is a passion for him to caress, cuddle and play with lions that have sharp and fierce teeth.

6. Ron White- The Memory Expert

He used the area of muscle memory for comparatively easier tasks such as remembering names, recalling faces, and many more. Unlike normal human beings who are known to rely on mnemonic methods in order to recall such things, Ron has a unique way of remembering things. He has won the USA Memory Championship for two consecutive times during the years 2009 and 2010. He uses this gift to teach other people how they can improve and train their memory in various countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Canada, Belgium and even England. In most of his talks, he memorizes up to 200 names of people in the audience and then repeats the names from the stage.

7. Tim Cridland- The Torture King

Tim Cridland knows no pain, unlike the rest of people. He is able to push needles into his body without any flinching. He performs terrifying acts for audiences in America. Scientific tests prove that Tim can tolerate very high levels of pain that are humanly impossible. He attributes this ability to his mind, saying that he can adjust his mind to be able to put up with extreme cold and heat. He has studied human anatomy into details to ensure that what he does is completely safe.

8. Thai Ngoc – The Sleepless Man

Upon getting a fever in 1973, Thai Ngoc could not sleep at night. He has been able to record 11,700 consecutive nights during which he did not sleep. Despite that fact, he still remains as healthy as other normal people. His wife adds onto it that neither liquor nor a tiresome day can put him down. He currently lives on a 5-hectare farm busy farming and taking care of his livestock all day. He says that he once used three sleepless months digging two large ponds in order to raise fish.

9. Daniel Tammet – The Incredible Brain

This is another gifted mathematician who holds a European record in memorizing and recounting pi to an astounding 22,514 digits within just five hours. He is gifted in several areas including natural language learning, sequence memory, and mathematical calculations. He says that each number (up to 10,000) has its own unique feel and shape in his mind. For instance, he describes his visual image of the number 289 as ugly while that of 333 being attractive. He is able to sense whether a number is composite or prime. He is able to speak a variety of languages ranging from English, German, Spanish, Romanian, French, and Estonian to even Welsh. He has even gone to the extent of creating his own language that he has called Manti. At one time, he was invited to a challenge daring him to learn Icelandic within a week. 7 days later, he was conversing in Icelandic on Icelandic television. His Icelandic language instructor said that that was not any close to human.

10. Bob Munden- The Matrix Visioned Sharpshooter

Bob has a super-human reaction time which would definitely seem impossible to any normal human being today. His lightning-fast brain is able to see bullets move at what he describes as a walking speed to him. You would ultimately have to expel your disbelief in fictional shows upon realizing and seeing what he can do with pistol shots. He is able to shoot bullets with complete accuracy from a holster-draw within a split-second timing.

The above people are considered super-humans simply because they’ve discovered what they are gifted with. Most of them, unlike normal human beings, have been able to use those vast powers within them. These are things we have only been used to seeing in fictional movies. Very few people would believe that such people do exist in real life. You would be surprised to know that maybe, you also have superpowers or super-abilities which you are unaware of. You would be as surprised as the above people were the moment they realized that same fact. Is there any superhuman alive? You now have the answer.

  • Ethan Hernandez

    Man, how strong can Dennis Rogers be? I had forgotten about him and did an online search and found this video on Youtube where he does something amazing with so much ease, I can’t believe it! Here is the link How he does it is beyond my understanding, considering he isn’t a huge guy! Enjoy!

  • val yenko

    These are some really cool talents! I could see the not sleeping for days coming in very handy when you have a lot of work to get done. I don’t think I would be able to dig a couple of ponds overnight like that one guy did!

  • Skwty

    This is a very cool list! I have heard of a couple of them, but the most interesting was the guy that does not sleep. That would be a curse in my book 🙂

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