Interesting Facts About Birth in Space

If you are born in space, a phenomenon scientifically known as microgravity would occur; this will eventually end up influencing the overall structure of your body and the bones therein. If an expectant woman flies into space and delivers a baby almost immediately, the baby will be born quite normally because it would have developed in the womb normally at Earth’s gravity.

An interesting occurrence though will happen if the mother continues her stay in outer space and the baby starts to grow. The bone cells are normally programmed in such a way that they don’t stop growing until you become a teenager. The cells in the bone are usually given the right alignment which allows them to properly stack up and form straight by the stress from gravity. It thus follows that without the gravitational pull, the baby’s bones won’t get thin and long like the adult bone. These bones will be very easy to break and won’t grow as fast; this is especially true for legs and arms.

It is also interesting to note that the bones at the skull and the top of the baby’s head will grow stronger and thicker than on earth. This is because the heart will not have to work extra hard to move any other fluid such as blood from the feet to the upper body because of lack of gravity. The upper body will have more fluid and therefore more pressure; causing more stress in the process. Because of more stress, there will be more growth in the skull.

The feet will not grow as much since they won’t get the stress of having the entire weight of your body on them, because there is limited stress there is not much growth. The ribs are also likely to be thinner than how they would be on earth and would therefore not be as strong. The spine will most likely be affected because there would be no gravitational pull down or push, this means that the vertebrae will not feel the stress and would therefore not grow as well. It is worth noting that the spinal cord will still experience some growth and the vertebrae would experience some level of stress from the spinal cord as it pushes out and grows. The vertebrae will be quite fragile and easily broken.

So, what if you were born in space? You will probably have weak and strange looking bones in most parts of your body. This may not affect you as much if you spend your entire life in space but you will have a lot of problems if you come back to earth, your feet will be too weak to hold your weight and your spine will most likely crush under its own weight. You will most likely fall in a big heap and die once you are introduced to earth.

  • Skwty

    Very interesting things to think about. They do, however, make sense based on what we know about space and lack of gravity.

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