The Tragic Stranding Causing Hundreds of Whales to Die

Doom haunts pilot whales in New Zealand. About 650 whales got stranded on South Island. However, about 350 of these whales could not make it and died. This was quite a heart-wrenching scene. However, the good news is that the rest of the whales could swim back. Now the number of whales that died is quite a huge number so it is quite an alarming situation that cannot be ignored by any means. Now the volunteers also played a crucial role in this regard and helped about 100 of these whales to swim back otherwise they would have died as well due to the stranding.

There were two mass strandings. First, about 400 whales got stranded on South Island. Tragically many of the whales died from this batch. The worst part was that the younger whales were in most misery. The efforts of the volunteers are truly worth appreciating because they tried to form human chains so that they would be able to keep the whales away. Now the government officials could state with surety that there were two batches of stranded whales because they had tagged the survivors from the first batch and the new whales found on South Island did not have any tags at all.

The volunteers are equally in trouble because they need to dispose of the carcasses of the dead pilot whales and this is not an easy job for them as well. There is a possibility that the volunteers might indulge in tethering the dead whales so that they can decompose in the shallow waters.

Now there are different theories regarding why these whales got stranded in the first place. Some believe that these whales were chasing their prey. Some believe that these whales were trying to protect a sick member. What is more depressing is that New Zealand has the most incidents of the whales getting stranded. Now this means that the country needs to take serious measures in this regard to avoid such incidences in the near future. Moreover, it is all necessary to identify the potential causes of the stranding so that these harmless pilot whales can be saved from the agony.

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