Men’s Guide – 3 Tips On How To Kiss A Woman

So, it has being theorized that women decide within five minutes of meeting guy whether or not they will have sex with him. Possibly true. But, there is always another catch – the kissing part. Most women will never sleep with a bad or mediocre kisser. They are always looking for a gentle kisser who will bring heaven closer to them just by a simple kiss.

If you have the hots for that pretty damsel and you really want your first kiss to be perfect but, you do not know how to do it, you are at the right place. In this article, I will bring you up to speed with a few tips on how to kiss your dream girl perfectly in order to score her.

Tips on how to kiss a woman

Tip-1. Stay relaxed and keep your mind blank

If you are obsessed with the word kiss, then it’s not going to help one bit. Breathe in, stay calm and be confident before making the move. In addition, look for the signs given by the woman. Is she looking straight into your eyes? Is she playing with her hair? These are some of the signs you ought to see before making your move. You do not want to ruin that intimate moment or make a wrong move.

Tip-2. Be gentle

Obviously, women strong men to protect them but, you also need to show you gently side by kissing her gently. Whether it’s your first kiss or your hundred kiss, always remember to be gentle. Aggressive kisses only happen in movies. In reality, most women love to be handled with care love and affection. This only translates to be gentle. But, what do I mean by a gentle? The key to kissing her gently is by kissing her slowly. Avoid been carried away and going tongue crazy. Just slowly lean in, peck her and let your manly instincts handle the rest. When she starts getting more intense, suck her lips out, but still maintain your gentleness. If she responds with a soft moan, know you doing it right. Thumbs up…

Tip-3. Do not forget to touch her

As a man, you can be caught up in the action that you forget the other important part when kissing – touching her. Never underestimate the power of your hands when kissing as it increases the erotic pleasure of that moment. When you kiss your woman gently with your hands on her cheeks, she will definitely feel as if she’s floating away. She will get in a romantic mood and you will notice her eyes sparkle after you finish kissing her. Should I add more to that?

As I sum up, it is important not to underestimate the power of a perfect kiss. Just get it right, and rest assured that the rest shall fall into place. That’s all there is to know on how to kiss a woman.

  • Skwty

    Gentle. That is key to kissing a woman. Perfect tips posted here.

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