How to kiss a man


Kissing is an art that can be learnt and perfected. Men love women who know how to kiss well. Giving your man a passionate kiss signifies how romantic you are. Below is a step by step guide on how to kiss a man so that he keeps on coming for more.

Step by step guide on how best to kiss your man

Initiate the kiss

For a woman this might sound odd. However, you do not have to say it out rightly that you want to kiss. There are things you can do to signal your man that you are in the mood. Such suggestive acts include Directly staring at your man’s lips with romantic eyes.

Keep your lips softly parted

Use a lip gloss, or even mints to make your lips look soft and very appealing.

Respond well to his advances

Once you have put him into temptations, he will be prompted to kiss. If he starts moving closer do so as well. Lean in and give him a light kiss on the cheek, then move your lips towards his lips. Slowly pass your hands to the upper part of his shoulder and hold him tightly.

Start with simple and gentle kisses

This will slowly take your man to the pleasure zone. Once you have his lips embedded on your lips do not move fast as you will get over excited. Instead tease him with light pecks and smooches. Gently kiss the lining of his lips while releasing your lips occasionally. Repeat this until you feel you are both fully heated up.

Take control

As you bombard him with passionate pecks and smooches he will badly yearn to have your tongue. Do not let him yet, it’s your turn to show him how a great kisser you are. Keep on rubbing your hands on his shoulder, face and even at the back.

Now lock your lips

As you get more serious, grab his lower lip and put it in between yours. Gently hold his lower and upper lips, ensuring you kiss them lovingly.

Move to the French or tongue kiss

A French kiss is considered as intimate as sex itself. It is the best way to keep the kissing hot and fun. Start by using your tongue; remember initially you did not let him get access to your tongue but only your lips.

Slowly turn your head sideways and caress his lips with your tongue. Now extend your tongue so that it can touch and roll on his tongue. Occasionally make a circling movement around his tongue with yours; he will also do the same. Do this for as long as you both enjoy since it is the climax.

End the kiss by slowly reducing the force you and your partner are using. Slowly lose contact by pulling back your tongue from the mouth and going back to where you started. Give up to three light smooches.


Kissing should increase the bonding between you and your man. Follow the steps above to show your man that you are a real goddess of romance.

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