Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Playing Far Cry 4

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have tons of Far Cry 4 advertisements shoved down your throat and with good reason, as this happens to be one of the most epic game releases for the year. Whether you are an avid gamer, casual gamer, love first person shooters or not, this game offers enough action to suit any gamers thirst for adventure.

And without further a due, we present to you the countdown of the Top 10 reasons you should play Far Cry 4

#10 Killing And Mass Killing

In all the Far Cry games, your job is basically to kill everyone single living thing that stands in your way. This game delivers on that aspect, with a wide array of ways you can blow your enemies to bits. Ranging from shotguns, crossbows to the classic RPGs, grenades, guns and machine guns. You name it, they’ve got it, enough ammunition to thirst any adventurers desire for action. For every job that needs to be done, you got the tools to do it and do it good.

#9 Elephant Cavalry

Yea you heard it, what more awesomeness can you ask for besides riding an elephant marching down a barricade and blowing everything else to bits? Didn’t think so. March onwards to glory, and with that said, there are even more choices to choose from as you proceed to annihilate every opposition that stands in your way.

#8 Smooth And Slick Mobility Around An Amazing World

Unlike the predecessors of the game, this time you’re in the vast mountainous regions, and the game highly delivers in this aspect in terms of graphics and design. Vast world ready for your exploration, you are given the option of various transportation mechanics that allows you full control and ultimately a splendid view of the amazing world that lies to be discovered. Yup falling off the mountains is something that happens, but you got the gear to make this adventure an awesome one. Somethings worth mentioning is the grappling hook and gliders known as the wing suit, allowing you to scale mountains in seconds.

#7 Lust for Graphics Fulfilled

Did I mention graphics before? Yes I believe I did, because it deserves a second mention! The world you can explore is vast and wide, fully captured and complemented by the amazing graphics within the game. It’s just so damn sexy, fulfills any lust or cravings you had for intense graphic exploration in a world like none other. There are literally no boundaries to which you can explore in far cry, and trust me you’d be tempted to be buying a new 60 inch screen just to get the fully immersed into the game. Eye candy definitely for any type of game out there. This is one of the times you’d be proud to be a gamer, just so you have the chance to appreciate the awesome graphics of the world.

#6 Storyline A Factor?

For most gamers, and those who have played the predecessors of Far Cry 4, it has never really been about the story, but more so about the game-play. However, this time it is a factor, as you are put in an interesting setup. You will play Agent Gale, returning home to scatter your mother’s ashes. Of course on your bus ride, events lead to you being stranded in the middle of a civil war. I believe its the first time in the franchise you’re playing a native in the country you’re visiting. Yup and a weirdly psychotic guy appears out of nowhere to get your butt out and you proceed to adventure time with him. Not really, you actually are gonna end up killing him probably since he is the villain of the story. Not much, but more storyline and it gets even better down the road.

#5 Psychotic Selfie Dude

Yeah well the guy that you’re against (his name is Jack by the way) naturally takes a selfie after blowing up a civil camp with blood all over his face. With you of course, he isn’t that mean to leave you out of the photo. The world of Twitter went crazy with the reveal of that selfie screenshot and the guy casually appoints himself as the king. Nice promotion if you ask me. He knows he’s bad, and he knows he’s good at it. Yea this guy is truly an awesome character, and you’re gonna have a lot of fun having to deal with him.

#4 Tigers and More Tigers

If you’ve watched the trailer you know you’re in for a treat with this. You probably seen a tiger mowing down humans alive, and there are tons of that action that proceeds in the game, even when you enter the spirit world. Legendary spirit tiger anyone? Hell yea, you just can’t go wrong with that.

#3 Tighter Game-play and Moving Take-downs

Every Far Cry game comes with an upgrade you will notice. The game-play of course, is the main awesome sauce of the game, and this is clearly depicted by the awesome feeling of firing your weapon while driving during the game. The smooth game-play and intuitiveness makes this a cinch, putting all other vehicle driving firing games to shame. What could be more satisfying that blowing someone up from the safety of your car?

#2 Co-op Mode

What’s better than chaos and blowing up stuff? Chaos and blowing up stuff with a friend of course! Co-op mode is coming to Far Cry 4, something we haven’t seen done in the franchise as of yet. Now you can invite a friend over for some beer, blow up a few civilians, and cheers to it together. The second player shows up in awesome fashion on a gyro-copter as well. The main quest and side quests will be disabled during that time, but what’s awesome about Far Cry is taking down forts, and what could be more enjoyable than doing that with a buddy of course.

#1 Creativity

Far cry has always been about giving a player a variety of tools, for the player to solve a job by themselves. What’s even better is far cry is adding even more tools to the mix, giving you options to do it your style. Stealthy sniper of are you more a a C4 explosion person? Well whichever you are, the best part is that you can do it with a buddy now.

We’ve barely touched all the aspect of awesomeness this game has and you can expect more to come. Now as a bonus, there’s even more awesomeness in wait for Far Cry 4.

For one, the game will be cross platforms – available on the PC, Xbox One, PS4 as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3. It will be interesting to see the differences between the new gen consoles as well as the old gen ones, but the game-play should remain to be awesome.

For PC users, the Far Cry Minimum Requirements and Recommended Requirements are as follows:

Minimum Requirements
– Core i4-750 2.66 Ghz OR Phenom II X4 955
– GeForce GTX 460 OR Radeon HD 5850 1024MB
– Win 7 64 OS
– Direct X 11
– HDD Space 30 GB

Recommended Requirements
– Core i5-2500 S 2.7 GHz OR FX-8350
– GeForce GTX 680 OR Radeon R9 290x
– Win 7 64 OS
– Direct X 11
– HDD Space 30 GB

  • Jay Morgan

    I can’t play this game yet because I need to upgrade my PC to even match the minimum requirements but I’ve seen a walkthrough of it online. The game looks amazing and is better than I would have thought. There is clearly room for a better story, more interaction with all the main actors (especially Pagan) and some errors that need fixing but I would surely give it an 8,5 out of 10.

  • Stephen Segura

    You haven’t seen anything until you are on an elephant, playing on PS4 on a 42+ inches wide TV screen! The experience is absolutely amazing, the sound fantastic! I think I already played half of the game including the optional missions and this game is an improved Far Cry 3. It is better, looks better and feels easier to play.

  • Carter

    The world is indeed amazing and I’ve heard a rumor that they might release a DLC that will allow you to explore even more! That would be great but we will have to see what they release. The graphics in this game are amazing and it can run a lot of things at the same time which is an accomplishment on its own. Far Cry 3 was great and 4 seems to be better!

  • Mazina

    I watched my boyfriend play Far Cry 3 and he was in love with it! He did every single mission or optional quest and gathered every statue and lost letters. He gathered all the skins of animals to improve his backpack capacity, unlock new weapons and so on. Knowing that he can’t wait for Far Cry 4 to come out, I pre-ordered it for his birthday and he got it 2 days ago. As soon as he got it he started playing it for 5 hours straight and only stopped because he needed to go to sleep to be ready for work the next day!

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