Real Life Technologies Taken From Games

A computer game is described as a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a display. Video games take us into a virtual world of the larger digital media landscape. There are several real life technologies that have drawn inspiration from games these include:

Virtual Healing and the Medpac

The Medpac is an interesting piece of invention that researchers have developed. Scientists are busy making products that can almost instantly stop bleeding and heal wounds. One of these researchers is Joe Landolina a college student. The product is able to hold the cells together while simultaneously sparking a response from the body’s clotting system.

DARPA an agency found in the United States Department of Defense (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agents) has also invented a similar product. To be more specific it has invented foam which will be used to control internal bleeding. The Medpac in real life differs from its gaming counterpart in that it does not heal the body instantaneously. The foam being developed is easily removable thus surgeons don’t have to deal with the hassle of removing it for a long time before performing surgery.

Hoffman the director of Virtual Reality Research Centre (University of Washington) and his team has invented an immersive virtual reality system designed to give pain relief to burn patients. Essentially immersive VR enables one to visit a computer generated world that is friendly and enchanting. The point of going to this world is to pull the patients attention away from the pain that they are experiencing.

Programmable Grenades

Gears of Wars inspired the invention of the XM-25. This is a rocket propeller that uses programmable grenades. These grenades can be positioned to explode at specified points in space. For instance just above the targets head and spray fragments downwards. It is said to use in the United State by certain Special Forces.

Heads -Up Displays

It is especially vital that when playing a game and you are entangled in a shootout that you are able to see where the other persons are, the layout of the surroundings including an inventory list. The HUD (Heads-Up Displays) comes in handy in such situations. Google has for instance developed Project Glass a real life technology drawing inspiration from gaming. Project Glass aims at bringing the internet closer to you using glasses.

Engineers in South Korea from the Ulsan National Institute of science And Technology have come up with what are referred to as soft contact lenses which has all the attributes of Project Glass. This invention is different from similar products in that it relies on off the shelf lenses that are mounted with light emitting diodes.

Ammo Counter

It is relatively easy to track your ammunition in a computer game. Drawing inspiration from this someone has invented a real life ammo counter. This is basically a small computer that runs operates on triple A cells attached to the gun. Essentially it uses what is referred to as an accelerometer. Recoils are measured by this gadget when you shoot, and consequently the numbers of shots you have taken are displayed on a small screen. It has the benefit of being precise when compared to the person doing the actual shooting and it is not prone to distractions.

Controlling Characters

All video games boil down to the basic element that you can be able control a certain character. Scientists have come up with ways of aping this phenomena and using it on real life animals

For instance in the North Carolina State University iBionics Lab researchers have wired up brains of a number of cockroaches. The researchers have found that they are able to manipulate cockroaches using computers at amazing proportions. It has been suggested that such controlled subjects can be used to access unreachable areas during a tragedy.

Scientists at the State University (New York) have also come up with robo-rats. The benefits associated with using live animals, when compared to robots is that animals don’t need further developing of complex systems.


The gaming world has witnessed considerable growth over the last decade. It has changed from being just a pleasure provider to an inspiration in the technological field as demonstrated above.

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