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Where Is The Internet-Of-Things Going – Your Toaster Maybe?

The entire concept of the Internet-of-things is both interesting and exciting and it is easy to understand why when you look at the possibilities that are emerging as the technology takes hold. You see, we are now at a point in this particular technological revolution that we are looking at ways to connect everyday items

What’s to become after Reported Internet Outages?

Internet outages were reported during the month of February 2015 in areas of Arizona. There were several rumors or theories as to the cause of this in the beginning. At first it was thought to have been an accident, then it was determined it was the work of vandals. After through police investigation it was

6 Amazing Sci-Fi Technologies That Actually EXIST!

We’ve watched those good old sci-fi movies and TV shows showing off their amazing futuristic technology, and they seem a world away. But some of them actually aren’t as out of this world as we might think. They exist. We may even be using them in our everyday lives, and just don’t give them a
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