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Galaxy S8 and What to Expect from it

After the launch of Note7 and the fact that its battery exploded, Samsung faced many losses. People sold on low prices and airlines had banned on carrying the Note7 in flights due to its exploding nature. So, Samsung had to bounce back to recover the losses and make profits. The news is that Samsung will

4 Best Dating Apps available

Online dating has undergone major changes due to technological advancement. With millions of singles seeking to find a suitable mate on the go, the mobile dating experience has gained popularity with time. As the use of mobile apps increases, users are expecting traditional dating sites to have an associated app. Here are 4 best dating

5 Top Fitness Apps for android

Fitness is a very crucial part of modern living and as such a lot of people are going to extra lengths in order to stay fit and healthy every day. For the past few years a lot of technologies have been developed in the fitness niche yet even so, not many have managed to amass
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