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Apple Offers Unique Apple Watch – Wear your Life on your Wrist?

Whenever Apple release a product it is almost guaranteed to become a best seller. Their latest product, the Apple Watch has been one of the most anticipated products of the year. With smart watches already available from the likes of Samsung, it is only natural that Apple was going to release their own version. So

Which Smartphone has the Best Camera – 2015

Unlike in the past when we had to rely on point-and-shoot cameras, nowadays, a majority of people are opting to use their phone cameras to capture special moments. This comes in handy as using a phone camera is a whole lot more convenient and fast, the image quality is always good and, one is able

Should you buy iPhone 6 ?

Apple recently launched iPhone 6, defined by the slightly larger screen, rounded corners, ultra-thin body, and an entirely new iPad-style design which offers a better camera as well as one of the fastest processors. It comes in space greys, silver and gold colors. Here is a review of what you should know regarding the phone:
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