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Galaxy S8 and What to Expect from it

After the launch of Note7 and the fact that its battery exploded, Samsung faced many losses. People sold on low prices and airlines had banned on carrying the Note7 in flights due to its exploding nature. So, Samsung had to bounce back to recover the losses and make profits. The news is that Samsung will

Curt Shilling Goes After Internet Troublemaker: Everyone Brace Yourself

Former MLB great Curt Shilling did what many people that have been trolled on social media sites have wanted to do, but haven’t been able to, which is to beat them at their game. On February 25, Shilling’s 17 year old daughter, Gabby, received an acceptance letter to the Salve Regina School. The news got

Why are Google internet balloons losing altitude?

Many individuals understand Google as a global power in internet communications. Indeed, the company has done a great job of bringing internet services to the people over the last decade. Some of the most notable achievements of Google have centered on the issue of communication and internet search, which has led to the development of
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