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The Anticipated Upcoming UFC Fight Cards

Ultimate Fighting Championship is more of a promotion of Mixed Martial Arts. These promotions are mainly based in the United States. The interesting part is that each of the UFC’s has several fights. First the event tends to start with a preliminary card. Next, the event has a main card, and it finally ends up

Top 10 WWE Female Wrestlers of all Ages

  Wrestling is one of the most cherished sports around the globe. When the wrestling starts, the audience does not just get to see the drama but it is pure pleasure for them all to be part of the thrilling show. Now, we don’t get to see only men showing their power and fighting to

Top 5 boxers of all times

Boxing is an incredible sport that is often heart ranching and all-consuming to watch, routing for your favorite boxer and going through the roller-coaster of wins and losses is sure to have you at the edge of your seat. The following are boxers that redefined the sport and left their mark in the hearts of
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