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The Anticipated Upcoming UFC Fight Cards

Ultimate Fighting Championship is more of a promotion of Mixed Martial Arts. These promotions are mainly based in the United States. The interesting part is that each of the UFC’s has several fights. First the event tends to start with a preliminary card. Next, the event has a main card, and it finally ends up

2015 NFL Draft Preview

As the days tick down closer and closer towards the 2015 NFL Draft, mock drafts continue to swing as fantasy owners, NFL GM’s, and fans alike begin to speculate on what players are going to end up where. This years draft is going to be the 80th annual draft, and has since moved from it’s

Top Reasons Why Cleveland Loves LeBraun Again

When LeBraun James left Cleveland for Miami, a lot of fans were very upset since he is one of the best players and had decided to leave. The fans were disappointed because for most of them the main reason they supported the team was because LeBraun was in it. After many numerous but failed attempts,
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