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SpaceX’s New Endeavors This Year After September’s Explosion

2016 was the best time, but along the way, it happened to be the worst time too for the rocket company SpaceX when both the Falcon 9 and its satellite payload were exploded in September due to malfunctioning of fueling process.  The company ended up with its orbital Falcon 9 rocket in April with a

10 Most Popular Myths Debunked

Ever since people started talking to each other, they also started exaggerating the truth for the sake of creating entertaining conversations. While some stretched the truth others completely made stuff up just so that they can astound and awe their friends. As time went by people started to believe some of these exaggerations and lies

Top 10 Most Catastrophic Disasters That Ever Took Place in Space

Although travelling to space may seem like quite an exciting venture that many people have done successfully, it is considered a highly risky endeavor. History shows that space exploration has its fair share of disasters that have cost human lives and also raised some serious concerns about space exploration by humans. The following is a
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