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Top 10 Super Humans Alive

With over 7 billion people in the world today, it would be hard to believe that there are few superhumans who are still alive. Superhumans have abilities that are quite exceptional and of which, Science cannot explain. They do things which normal human beings don’t do and Science cannot actually expect them to do such.

Can Humans Survive without Bacteria?

Majority of people cannot believe that there are trillions of bacteria swimming over their skin. But as long as people cannot live without nitrogen, carbon, ability to digest their food and protection from disease, then it is impossible to live without bacteria. Bacteria are found in our digestive system including the esophagus, mouth and stomach.

Can We Live Longer?

Can we live longer? Death is a natural part of life, but finding ways to delay it for as long as possible has preoccupied mankind since before recorded history. While there are many questions in science that may not be answered for some time, this is not one of those questions. When you look at
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