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President Trump to Reinstate his Travel Ban

President Donald Trump has released the details of his new immigration plan. It seems like the President is planning to re-implement the immigration travel ban. The revised plan will let green card holders and those already on their way to enter the country. This is confirmed by his Secretary for Homeland Security. The Need of

The Tragic Stranding Causing Hundreds of Whales to Die

Doom haunts pilot whales in New Zealand. About 650 whales got stranded on South Island. However, about 350 of these whales could not make it and died. This was quite a heart-wrenching scene. However, the good news is that the rest of the whales could swim back. Now the number of whales that died is

Why Is Orange Beer Becoming The Next Big Thing In Beverages?

Beer is one of the most consumed products on earth. It also forms a great part of the revenues of any country because of the proportion of tax its production, distribution and consumption attracts. While brewing companies have always enjoyed profits, production has mostly come at the expense of users and the environment. Nowadays, companies
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