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New Shocking Report: NYC Rats And Fleas May Be Spreading The Plague

The plague is something that people associate with killing millions of people in Europe hundreds of years ago, so the news that rats and fleas in NYC may very well be spreading this disease will undoubtedly spread fear throughout the population. The scary part is that this is not something out of a Hollywood horror

Recent Study On Penis Size Has Normal Men Baffled?

It is fair to say that men around the world have always debated penis size, well at least in the modern world. You see, there is a lot of ego attached to this particular body part and it is a sense of pride if a guy can state that he is above average. However, the

Top 6 Teeth Whitening Products – In-Depth Review

There may be nothing we take for granted more than a beautiful set of pearly white teeth! With the everyday vices of sodas, coffee or your day to day meals, keeping them as clean and white between dentist visits can be tough. Fortunately, there are some great products on the market that offer assistance to
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