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Why Is Orange Beer Becoming The Next Big Thing In Beverages?

Beer is one of the most consumed products on earth. It also forms a great part of the revenues of any country because of the proportion of tax its production, distribution and consumption attracts. While brewing companies have always enjoyed profits, production has mostly come at the expense of users and the environment. Nowadays, companies

Is McDonalds Losing Its Popularity?

This question would hardly have been worth asking a few years ago as it was always felt that a company such as this was invincible, but the latest figures appear to show that this is no longer the case. Instead, these figures indicate that McDonalds may very well be on the slide and is no

10 Crazy Things People Have Made from Chocolate

Chocolate is something that most of the people love to have and is something that you may feel like having and enjoying that. Most of the people have chocolate in the form of bars and also as drinks. There are chances for the chocolates to be available in different flavors and in good way. Chocolates
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