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5 Facts About Mysterious Holes in Siberia

When a large and mysterious hole was discovered in Siberia last year, theories ran wild about the cause. Everything from melting methane hydrate to aliens to collapsing was discussed. So what’s really going on with these crazy craters? Check out these 5 facts about the mysterious holes in Siberia and see for yourself. The Facts

2014 Events That Show the Current State of Humanity

2014 was a year that involved many important and memorable events. Without a doubt, 2014 was a year that involved a lot of tragedy, a few pleasing events did occur. One event that occurred in 2014 was the loss of the an airplane in Malaysia. The frequency of airplane accidents in 2014 was at an

10 Facts About The Pompeii Destruction That Will Blow You Away

Located on the west coast of Italy Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano on mainland Europe even nowadays. The volcano is best known because of the historic eruption that destroyed the city of Pompeii in year AD 79. Today, Mount Vesuvius is considered to be among the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due
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