Top 5 Creepiest Places In The World

There are some places on earth that are stranger than the most alien sceneries we’ve ever thought of. Places that will make your skin crawl. Places that will induce heavy breathing and paranoia, before even anything has happened.

Well, let us have a look at the top 5 creepiest places in the world.


Pasay City (Kabayan)

Kabayan is a collection of manmade caves in Philippines. Each cave is full of mummies. These mummies are some of the most preserved in the world, and they are just overflowing in these caves. There are also so many caves that it is very easy to get lost…among thousands and thousands of mummies…that look spry enough to jump right out of their pods.


Isla de las Munecas (Island of Dolls)

The Island of the Dolls in Mexico is filled with hundreds of dolls tied to trees, suspended from branches and scattered along the ground. What makes this even more disturbing is that all this creepy work was done by a hermit called Julian Barrera, who based on history, discovered the remains of a young girl who had drowned off-shore. Barrera found the girl’s doll floating in the nearby water and in her memory tied it to a tree. He at that point began decorating the island with more dolls he found in tips and canal nearby, which he believed was pacifying the dead girl’s spirit. Barrera died in 2001, with a dominant theory behind his death being that he took his life after going insane. Nevertheless, you can still access the Island of Dolls by boat.


the Mines of Paris

The outwardly endless tunnels that run below the streets of Paris shouldn’t be confused with the Paris Catacombs; the well-known underground tomb, even though these mines are as well mistakenly denoted as the catacombs. It’s illegal to explore the mines, and penalties comprise heavy fines. These mines were used to dig-out minerals from Paris’ varied deposit (Paris location was sub-merged for millions of years), and the tunnels are what was left behind. The mines are now frowzy, unpatrolled and unsafe. According to legends, ancient cults and creatures patrol the depths. Spirits reside in the vast shadows, and in case someone strolls deep enough, and survives, they may even enter Hades itself. You don’t want to enter these tunnels alone; carry a flash light, a hunting gun, holy water and be in a group of people (it’s such creepy).

United States,

Helltown, Ohio

The Northern region of Summit County, Ohio is identified by the spookily blunt moniker, the Helltown. In 1970’s, Boston Township was the location of a government coup d’état, and ensuing mass eviction of citizens. The government intended to tor the houses down and create a national park on the land, but these plans never really manifested. Legends spawned wildly, and who can blame the legend mongers? Driving through the dark, wooded land is enough to give you chills even when it’s populated, let alone when you’ve to drive by occupied houses standing next to the burnt-out hulks of others (the local fire department used some buildings for practice). This place is really creepy to drive through.


Candido Godoi

This town in Southern Brazil holds a fascinating peculiarity – it’s the world’s twin capital. Actually, its twin birth rate is 18 times more than the world average. Why? Well, according to the locals it was after Nazi’s Chief physician Mengele, who fled to a small village in Candido Godoi after the 2nd World War, that the twin births started happening. Oddly enough Mengele was known to have an eccentric fascination with twins. Modern scientists, though, suggest that it’s most likely due to toxic waste or inbreeding. Either way, it is pretty creepy.

  • ed pierce

    Those are some really creepy places and it’s hard to believe that one of them is just a half day’s drive away! I might have to go check it out!

  • Skwty

    I like this list. I have always been a fan of creepy places, paranormal and things like that, so this is right up my alley. I never heard of Helltown, Ohio however. Very interesting.

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