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Rural NY State Has A Roaming Coyote Epidemic: Really?

Residents of New York’s Northern suburbs have said that roaming coyotes are becoming more brazen. The strange, yet important debate has lasted a while now regarding what action should be taken against coyotes. Nobody wants to see any wild creature killed for being a nuisance, however the coyotes have been reportedly attacking pets and over

The 5 Weirdest Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Most people will agree that Valentine’s day is nothing more than a commercialized holiday invented by candy makers and greeting card companies. However, this doesn’t mean that the ladies will not expect anything on this day. Yes, you can go for jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears, but if you want to stand out, why

5 Effective and Executable Time Management Tips for Accountants

Accounting is a hectic discipline that in most cases eats heavily into your time. As such, accountants are constantly on the rush from one appointment obligation to the next without really getting the time to take a break or accomplish other critical projects on time. This affects their output as professionals and thus their reputation
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