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Madonna Blamed in Giorgio Armani Flap

If you have seen any celebrity news lately, then you will have undoubtedly come across a story that involved Madonna falling backwards whilst on stage and performing at the Brit Music Awards in the UK. The fall in itself was pretty spectacular with her being pulled down some steps after a cape she was wearing

The Most Luxurious Yachts Ever Built

Most billionaires in the world drool over acquiring luxurious yachts, and they can go to any length to make sure they get the very best of them. Some of these yachts are more equipped than most five hotels, because they possess high tech gadgets and ultra modern facilities only a few can boast of. The

Top 10 Crazy Facts about Sharks

Upon the mention of sharks, the first thing that comes to our minds is ‘world’s most ferocious predators.’ Despite them being a nightmare of many, sharks are considered among the most fascinating creatures that there ever have been in the universe. But no matter how knowledgeable you may be about these creatures, it’s probable that
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