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What Is The Pangolin And Why Is It Endangered?

Pangolins are one of the most harmless creatures on the planet and are often named “scaly anteaters”. They can be identified by their unique, tough overlapping scales. The life-span of a pangolin is currently unknown in the wild, however in captivity they have lived for up to twenty years. To survive, the burrowing mammals simply

How Did A Piece Of An Alaska Glacier Recently Crush An Onlooker?

Alexander Hellweger was a tourist from the north of Italy. He decided to take a trip to the United States, as is the tradition among young tourism enthusiasts from Europe. He loved the sceneries. For close to a week, he loved everything he saw in the states. At a point in the trip, he and

Where Is The Internet-Of-Things Going – Your Toaster Maybe?

The entire concept of the Internet-of-things is both interesting and exciting and it is easy to understand why when you look at the possibilities that are emerging as the technology takes hold. You see, we are now at a point in this particular technological revolution that we are looking at ways to connect everyday items
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