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Curt Shilling Goes After Internet Troublemaker: Everyone Brace Yourself

Former MLB great Curt Shilling did what many people that have been trolled on social media sites have wanted to do, but haven’t been able to, which is to beat them at their game. On February 25, Shilling’s 17 year old daughter, Gabby, received an acceptance letter to the Salve Regina School. The news got

Leonard Nimoy: Are Fans at a Loss with His Passing?

Bostonian actor Leonard Simon Nimoy, won the hearts of Star Trek fans early on with his beloved role of Mr. Spock. Nimoy played the role of the Vulcan and human hybrid in the original series, as well as many other spin-offs surrounding the Star Trek franchise. The original Spock appeared in various films, as well

2014 Events That Show the Current State of Humanity

2014 was a year that involved many important and memorable events. Without a doubt, 2014 was a year that involved a lot of tragedy, a few pleasing events did occur. One event that occurred in 2014 was the loss of the an airplane in Malaysia. The frequency of airplane accidents in 2014 was at an
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